The Weird Glowing Bacteria That Beg to Be Eaten

 "Heaps of sea creatures glow to produce light—often in order to see in the murky depths. But scientists have discovered that many bacteria glow for a very strange reason; they want to get eaten."

"But why the hell is that a good thing for the bacteria? Well, it turns out that, even though the zooplankton are digested, the bacteria safely survive a passage through the fish guts, a finding which is reported in PNAS. Effectively, the bacteria use the concept of being eaten, twice, to hitch a ride and move between different spots in the ocean. "As far as the bacteria are concerned, their access to the fish digestive systems is like reaching ‘paradise’ – a safe place, full of nutrients, and also a means of transport into the wide ocean," explained Prof. Genin, one of the researchers."

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